Prevalence of Problem Gambling

With gambling becoming more and more of a problem, it has really brought the public to attention as just how prevalent this problem is. According to research, around 80% of adults have gambled, which is a striking number of people who have participated in the activity. Of this 80%, two or three percent of these people have experienced a gambling problem. This may not seem like much, but if you break it down in actually numbers, it is quite a few. For example, in the United States alone there are 310,574,859. This means that 62,114,971 people in the United States alone have gambled. Of this, approximately 1,242,299 have an addiction to gambling.

A problem with gambling is comparable to a problem with drugs or other addictions. So how prevalent is a gambling problem when compared to other problems in the world? Given that two to three percent of the population suffer from a problem with gambling, other problems that come close to this percentage is the abuse of cocaine and the abuse of amphetamines. The only disorder that ranks percentage wise higher than gambling problems is anti-social personality disorder, according to research. This is a startling percentage. If you think about the number of ways that kids are persuaded to stay away from these drugs, it makes a person wonder why there is not any coverage given the fact that gambling is a problem that occurs just as much as the abuse of these drugs. A surprising fact is that the number of eating disorders is almost a percentage less than the number of gambling problems, yet these problems are preached endlessly to teenagers.

What has spurred the gambling problem to escalate? There are many theories on this and the most popular being that gambling is widely available. That is why many states in the United States are pushing to make gambling illegal, however, the chances of this are slim to none as the gambling agency helps the economy of the state, which is something that states are needing nowadays.

Another theory is that more people have problems with their personalities and brain, such as lower levels of certain chemicals in the brain due to hereditary, the environment and so on. And because of this, more people find it harder and harder to stop gambling. Others believe that the dangers of gambling such as addiction are not preached enough meaning that the majority of people do not even realize that they could have a gambling problem.

Still, many people believe that Hollywood makes gambling look as if it is fun as they also show people winning on television and movies, giving children the false sense that everyone is a winner. Not often does a television or movie showcase a person who has a gambling problem and ends up losing everything, including their money, their family and their home.

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