Step Based Programs for Gambling Addicts

When we look at the gambling therapy for those who have a gambling problem, one of the best solutions to helping them work through their problems is to have them enroll in what is called a step based program. These programs focus on a number of issues that a gambler might have problems dealing with and addressing. Until they get a grip of this and learn to deal with these issues, they make no progress in getting over their addiction.

Now, there are two different programs that are used. It all is determined by which therapy your therapy program uses. For some, they use the most common. This would be the ten step recovery program which was adapted from the ten step program that was used by alcoholics anonymous.

The twelve steps for the twelve step process goes like this.

The first one is just admitting that they have a gambling problem.

Step two, one believes that someone can restore them to a gambling free life.

The third step is giving this power the control of the problem.

The fourth is looking at their finances and saying that the choices they have made are affecting their financial status.

The fifth step is admitting that you did wrong.

The sixth step is being ready to remove those negative things from our lives.

The seventh step that follows the sixth step is asking God to remove this from us while we then move to making a list of all those where our gambling has effected them and asking for their forgiveness.

The eighth step is now that we have admitted wrong, we continue to do so while we also then work to the next step, which is focusing on what we can do to better ourselves. Last of all, we aim to then help other gamblers with this.

It is said that with these steps, those who are addicts take note of the things they have done. They look at who they have wronged and become accountable for those things that they have done to play the game. They focus less on themselves and more on others.

There are other programs used though which are step based as well. This is that they help them to conquer their problem, but then they also work on looking at their finances and things like that. It's all about looking at the negative and turning it into a positive. When you do this, things will be better. It's giving them a second chance is what these step based programs aim to achieve.

If you are wondering about these steps and looking for an area that uses a particular one, then we have a site that you might want to utilize. If you want more information and more support if you or a loved one is suffering from a gambling addiction then you need to go to They can help you with all you need to understand and can help you to locate help near you. These steps might be just what you need in order to work through the things as many don't realize that they have wronged other people. These are all things that many have used and many have found work to help the problem. It's tough having an addiction such as this, but there is help.