What is Problem Gambling?

Gambling is an addiction just as alcohol and cigarettes can be an addiction. However, the problem with gambling is that there are no easy signs to detect. For example, those who are having an alcohol problem are often found with a bottle in their hand and will suffer from headaches, and nervousness when they cannot drink. These are physical signs that those addicted to gambling will not display. So what exactly constitutes a gambling problem? There are many signs and symptoms that can dictate whether you have a problem with gambling or not.

For one, if you feel the need to keep your gambling secret meaning that you do not tell your friends or your family what you are doing when are you gambling, then this is the first sign that you have a gambling problem. You may not keep it secret that you gamble, however, you may keep it secret just how much money you gamble with.

Secondly, once you start gambling can you walk away? Many of those who have a gambling problem cannot walk away whether if they are winning or not. It feels like a need to continue, one that a person cannot deny. Those that are losing may feel the need to spend all of their money in order to get back out ahead, even though a normal person would just walk away.

If you gamble when you really do not have the money and force yourself in a mounting amount of debt then chances are you have a problem. Many of those people who do have a gambling problem will find that they constantly risk their kids college funds, even their house payment in order to gamble.

If you find that your friends and family are constantly questioning you about your gambling, then they are worried, which is a sure sign that they believe you do have a problem although you may believe that you do not. Well-known problem gamblers like T.J. Cloutier or Mike Matusow can always spot signs of addiction with others, but have a hard time admitting to their own faults. Another huge sign that you have a problem gambling is if the gambling is interfering with other aspects of your life. For example, you miss work or school because you are lost in the game and because of this your life begins to take a turn for the worse. This also brings the fact that your relationships in your life are suffering, you may find that your significant other is moving on.

A few psychological symptoms that demonstrate that you have a gambling problem are if you begin to feel jittery because you haven't gambled in so long. Many of those with a gambling problem need a game to keep them level, without it they begin to self-destruct. Many times those with a gambling problem will turn to illegal ways in which to obtain more money, including forgery and theft.

If you believe that you have a problem with gambling or that someone you love has a problem then the problem gambler must seek help. This is an illness that will require treatment. A great site to visit in order to get more information on how to control the problem is GamblingRecovery.org.